Blog around the SUP 🏄🏻‍♂️

Here Anne and Myriam from Lite Venture write about their experiences around stand up paddling, about products, tours and experiences with people who paddle.

The rescue dog team of the Malteser Freiburg uses the Lite Venture ULTRA Boards with Dog Pad for training their dogs. The board trains the dogs' balance and musculature, the dog pad supports the targeted training even without the board and away from the water.

Hardboard SUPs with classic epoxy construction have a very high life expectancy with proper care, because you can repair them very well yourself, but should ever come to a hole:

Lite Venture expands the range with the warehouse in the new boathouse! Here is now stored a large selection of kayaks, surf skis and SUP boards and accessories. For the opening we offer interesting offers on site during the Advent season!

The new SUP drysuit from HIKO with the sonorous name "Valkyrie" is designed as a unisex suit for women and men. We had it with us and tested it on our tour through Austria and present it in detail in this video:

Anne and I do not have a dog. We ride tours with the SUP, fast and enduring, also with luggage. We know what it's like to ride with 20 kilos of payload. We don't know what it's like when this payload suddenly moves, jumps off the board, runs from front to back, through between your own legs and back again ......