Welcome to Lite Venture!

Become a part of the family: Lite Venture is a German SUP brand which is recognized to be one of the most innovative SUP board brands in Germany. We are known for unique product design, outstanding quality and amazing customer support.

The best touring hardboards

We started engineering touring hardboards because we did not find the boards on the market we were dreaming of ourselves. The result ist the unique and red dot-design awarded Lite Venture Cruzer (above). The Lite Venture Cruzer hardboards have a carbon / fiberglas layup in combination with a Paulownia wood deck. They are awesome & fast touring boards with high stability. Available in four different sizes (14'0" x 27,5"; 12'6" x 30"; 12'6" x 27,5" and 11'6" x 30") and different colors.

And of course, for all models and sizes we offer boardbags!

Inflatables with maximum performance

Main target in engineering Lite Venture Inflatables is stiffness & user friendliness which is fulfilled at its best with the ULTRA Light concept (below). Our customers appreciate the flexibility they get through the lightweight the sophisticated backpack: you can carry it very easily also on long distances, because it is well padded just like a trekking backpack. The bag is made out of waterproof, pvc-free material, so you use it as a dry bag whilst paddling. So you are also perfectly equipped for trips were you don't return to your starting point.

Hardboards for rental services

Tough Shell stands for affordable and very robust hardboards. Perfect for rental services or for families who want to enjoy the benefits of a hardboard but want carefree handling for an attractive price! Special feature: This board can be locked

Lite Venture partners can count on these benefits:

  • Unique boards with convincing advantages.
  • Availability – also during the season
  • Fast, direct and straightforward sales support.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Price stability! Our aim is to built up a small and strong dealer network in Europe so we can ensure a high price stability.
  • Models remain up to date - we don't change proven shapes and models too often.

We expand our network in Europe

Lite Venture wants to build longterm partnerships with few, qualified dealers in Europe. Let's get in touch if you like our boards and if you share the same values like us:

  • passion for one of the greatest sports!
  • profound knowledge and friendly advice to customers

  • stationary shop, not only online selling

  • keeping prices solid

  • high quality selection of products

Dealer discounts

30% up to 34% depending on order quantity. Ask us for an offer for the products you are interested in.

We offer a special package with 40% discount so you can get to know our products (see below). This package contains three of our best selling inflatables and the three different types of carbon paddles.

If you are interested in our hardboards, we request shipping costs and make you an offer. We plan to visit some spots during off-season, so a visit and a presentation of hardboards at your spot is also possible.

Special offer until 30th November 2022

Get to know us with this package: Order 3 of our best selling inflatable sup boards and take advantage of a 40% discount!

Lite Venture® FUSE 12'6“ x 30“  |  Package Price 40% excl. VAT: 399 € instead of 795 €
Lite Venture® ULTRA Light 12'2" x 30" | Package Price 40% excl. VAT: 499 € instead of 995 €
Lite Venture® ULTRA Fast 14'0" x 28" | Package Price 40% excl. VAT: 599 € instead of 1.195 €
Lite Venture® Endurance Carbon 2 or 3 pc | Package Price 40% excl. VAT: 165 € instead of 329 €
Lite Venture® Crossride Carbon 2 or 3 pc | Package Price 40% excl. VAT: 165 € instead of 329 €
Lite Venture® Powertrack Carbon 2 or 3 pc | Package Price 40% excl. VAT: 165 € 
instead of 329 €

Total price for 3 inflatable SUPs + 3 carbon paddles excl. VAT: 1.992 €  (instead of 3.972 € selling price incl. 19% VAT).

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