A hardboard offers the best experience and the most fun while paddling. A shape that is tuned for perfect planing can best be achieved with a board that can be shaped exactly. For precise control and effortless gliding, a board must also be as stiff as possible.

Lite Venture is the touring hardboard specialist from Germany.

Structure and shape of the Lite Venture Touring SUP Boards

The touring boards are also classic epoxy hardboards, with a multi-layer layup of fiberglass fabric and epoxy resin. The special feature of the touring board is an additional layer of carbon fiber, which encloses the entire underside, the pronounced bow and the rails. The standing surface is also reinforced with an additional layer. This allows us to achieve extreme stiffness and robustness at a relatively low weight.

The pronounced bow of the touring board splits the water and makes the board fast and light on its feet. The bottom of the boards is shaped so that the whole length is on the water, because length runs ... The bow has a keel that flows directly into the double concave. The water is directed exactly where it is needed to make the board fast. At the same time, the double concave reduces the frictional resistance of the water surface.

The touring boards are fast, stable and yet agile. They are extremely fun to ride on extended tours as well as on fast after-work laps. The overall balance of the board is optimally balanced and allows skillful pivot turns.

Red Dot Design Award 2020

All Lite Venture touring boards of the Cruzer series (11'6" as well as 12'6") have been awarded with the coveted Red Dot Design Award. We are happy about this special recognition and award for our design concept! The jury of endowed designers was convinced by the aesthetic quality, the harmonious lines and the design's focus on functionality.

Structure and shape of the Lite Venture Allround SUP Boards

Our Allround Hardboards are made in classic epoxy layering construction. The EPS foam core is coated in several steps with fiberglass fabric and epoxy resin. The quality and thickness of the material used determine the stiffness, or flex and durability of the board.

The final weight is also the result of the choice of material. Less material means increased sensitivity in daily use. That's why we chose the ideal ratio of robustness and lightness. Particularly stressed areas such as the standing surface on the deck are reinforced with an additional layer.

The shape of the Allrounder incorporates the findings of numerous comparative tests. The width of the boards is defined at 31'5'' or 80 cm so that it represents the optimum for most paddlers. A wider width makes the board more sluggish and brings more stability than is usually needed, while preventing agile handling. A narrower board results in less overall volume and does not make an all-rounder significantly faster in relation to increasing instability.

A special detail in the shape of the Allrounder board is the double concave on the underside: this minimizes frictional resistance on the water surface and is immediately noticeable after a short paddling on through effortless gliding.