Allround 12'0 SUP

The type designation "all-rounder" does not quite do it justice. The Ray is a board like a ray of sunshine: straightforward, bright and charged with pure joy.

Measurements: 12'0'' x 31'5 | Weight: 12,0 kg | Volume: 230 l | Rider weight: 70 - 125 kg

The longer version of the Lite Venture all-round hardboard: Like all boards of the Woodline it pleases with the noble wooden deck made of Paulownia wood and an efficient, gliding shape.

Two-tone pad in grey and orange, light paulownia real wood deck.

The Lite Venture Allround 12'0'' is simply fun: the shape of the board combines stability, agility and effortless gliding. The slightly longer length compared to the 10'6" makes the board a bit more true to track and faster. After a short paddling the double concave is immediately noticeable: the board glides fast and light-footed. With the volume of 230 l it covers a wide range with rider weights from 70 - 125 kg.

Bungee tie downs for luggage in the front and of course a Gopro mount on the nose.

The US Standard Fin Box is a universal system in which can be used for all common fins. Included is a high quality G10 fin.

In the rear area, bungee tie downs also provide sufficient fastening options. The leash can also be fixed here.

Lite Venture SUP Boards testen:

Alle Lite Venture Boards können nach Absprache vor dem Kauf getestet werden. Testen ist bei Freiburg an unseren Homespots jederzeit möglich. Zudem sind wir im Sommer mit unserem Test-Bus an verschiedenen Orten unterwegs - melde dich bei uns und wir kommen auch in deine Region.

The Allround 12'0"

Driving fun, fast gliding and touring qualities combined in one board