Touring 12'6'' / 14'0" SUP

This touring hardboard carries the DNA of Lite Venture and the core idea of the brand: A sporty SUP for people who want to enjoy their sport with a special board - with technical features and beautiful details.

Lite Venture Touring 12'6" / 14'0" Cruzer

All information about this board can be found here: Touring 12'6 / 14'0" SUP Technical Specifications : Measurements: 12'6'' x 30" /  12'6" x 27,5" / 14'0" x 27,5" Weight: 13,0 kg /  12,5 kg / 13,2 kg Volume: 279 l / 269 l / 285 l Rider weight: 70 - 125 kg / 60 - 110 kg / 60 - 120 kg Scope of delivery: Board G10 Touring Fin jade green or black Availability: all sizes immediately available Set price for board + board bag: Order a board bag at the same time. Instead of 189 € in the set for 90 €. free shipping to Germany, Austria, Netherlands; other countries on request

Starting at 1,995.00 €

    Dimensions: 12'6'' x 30" | Weight: 13,0 kg | Volume: 269 l | Rider weight: 70 - 110 kg | Price: 1.995 €

    Dimensions: 12'6'' x 27,5" | Weight: 12,5 kg | Volume: 246 l | Rider weight: 55 - 90 kg | Price: 1.995 €

    Dimensions: 14'0'' x 27.5" | Weight: 13.2 kg | Volume: 275 l | Rider weight: 60 - 110 kg | Price: 2,095 €

    Choose one of the lightweight carbon paddles to go with it:

    Optimised shape: The board with the distinctive nose glides swiftly and smoothly through the water. The underside enables noticeably easy gliding due to the double concave. The Lite Venture Cruzer glides quickly and effortlessly.

    The classically constructed epoxy hardboard comes with modern technology: the underside, rails and tip are fully carbon layered for maximum stiffness and robustness. The standing surface is also additionally reinforced.

    New color scheme Grey / Orange available now!

    The Lite Venture Cruzer Touring 12'6" x 27'5" in test by Martin Teichmann / Gleiten.TV

    "Top class touring board"

    Martin Teichmann (Sunova Rider, SUP Trip Postdam, Crazy Socks GmbH) tested the Cruzer and gave a very good verdict on workmanship, performance and the price! The full length video is available on Gleiten.TV:

    Watch the video in full length at

    Red Dot Design Award for Product Design:

    All Lite Venture touring boards of the Cruzer series (11'6" as well as 12'6", 14'0") have been honored with the coveted Red Dot Design Award. We are very happy about this special recognition and award for our design concept! The jury of endowed designers was convinced by the aesthetic quality, the harmonious lines and the design's focus on functionality and natural effect.

    Like all boards of the "Woodline", the deck is lined with noble real wood - here with light paulownia. UV protection wraps the entire board for lasting, vibrant colors.

    Front: Extended nose, Gopro mount and front luggage net for payload.

    The Cruzer 12'6'' and 14'0" proves stability, stiffness and at the same time a very precise steering response.

    The box tail gives volume for fast planing and stability.

    Rear: Leash attachment point as well as rear luggage net.

    Bottom: Bottom and rails completely carbon layered and extremely fast thanks to double concave.

    Finely tuned handling and top straight-line stability

    Test Lite Venture SUP Boards:

    All Lite Venture boards can be tested by arrangement before purchase. Testing is possible at Freiburg at our home spots at any time. Testing of these boards is also possible by arrangement at our test stations in Potsdam, Krakow am See, Heilbronn, Moers, at our headquarters in Eschbacg and at Lake Wolfgang. In summer, we are on the road with our test bus at various locations - contact us and we will also come to your region.

    Railsaver Tape

    The sides of your hardboard SUP get reliable protection against scratches and marks from paddling with the Railtape. It is not always possible to avoid contact with the board with the paddle and the tape prevents scratches and marks. Dimensions: It is available in two lengths and two different surfaces: The 8.6 x 210 cm is suitable for the Lite Venture Touring Hardboards Cruzer in all sizes, the 6.3 x 191 cm for the Lite Venture Allround Hardboard Ray in all sizes. Surface: optionally transparent or with a small honeycomb structure (Honeycomb).

    Starting at 27.00 €