The Lite Venture Story

In the Lite Venture brand boards we have put everything that is important to us in a board: beautiful design, high-quality material, sustainable processing and extremely good rideability.

What makes a very good board?

The best board to ride is one that has been shaped according to its intended use and is as stiff as possible. Because then the board converts the paddle energy best into propulsion. This can be achieved in the most ideal way with a hardboard. Our vision is of boards that are nimble and agile to paddle due to their construction, use the highest quality materials and are "really" beautiful. For people who know that paddling is their sport and who want a board that reliably accompanies them on their adventures. We are convinced of the hardboard concept and pursue the mission: Stand up on hard boards.

And what does "really" mean beautiful?

Beauty is more than "I like". Beauty is timeless, classic, a state of permanence, not for the moment. With people it comes from within, with things it lies in their form and in their function. And in the material used. We want to create boards that will please for a long time. They should show a clear edge, be present through convincing design. They should in no way impose themselves. Their owner will enjoy and recharge with energy every time he uses them. Because he uses a naturally designed board that lets him feel propulsion with every stroke of the paddle.

This is what Lite Venture stands for

The Lite Venture brand is focused on the experience. What makes the sport, what are people looking for who have discovered paddling on a board as a sport for themselves? We see the peace and the special atmosphere on the water, the feeling of diving into nature and arriving at oneself. This is what "Lite Venture" stands for - for a light-heartedness in the experience and for an enjoyment completely in the moment. This requires the right equipment. Equipment that doesn't distract, doesn't interfere and supports you in what makes the moment perfect. Experience nature, feel freedom - and yourself.

Behind the scene

We - Anne and Myriam - have sought balance and challenge in sports in our professions as managing directors (of a medium-sized company and an advertising agency). Participation in mountain bike and road bike marathons, mountain sports, kayak trips with tent & stove and short, intense adventure escapes from the demanding daily work routine brought us balance and meaning. We pursued these ventures with an inherent drive to compromise.

The path to stand up paddling was not a direct one. This passion was born with the realization that everything can be combined: athletic workout, discovering new things, experiencing nature, experiencing adventure and feeling ourselves intensely.

The motivation for the founding of Lite Venture was to develop boards and equipment that would turn every experience into pure flow: Nothing disturbs, nothing is superfluous, every paddle stroke is efficient and results in effortless gliding. There is a passion for perfection in the boards, which is reflected in the shape, material and design.

Lite Venture boards are made for people who have discovered this sport for themselves: special boards, attractively designed and technically conceived for maximum enjoyment of the experience.