Lite Venture ULTRA

The ULTRA series - inflatable touring boards built on the latest material for maximum stiffness and performance!

The ULTRA Light 12'2"

The sophisticated concept for transportation without a car

The board concept: a super light board that makes independent of the car with its 7.8 kg and allows tours with luggage load. This board is not a compromise, because it is very stiff, tilt-resistant and also allows multi-day discovery tours.

Thoughtful: the waterproof transport bag made of PVC-free material serves as a packing bag for clothes and valuables during the tour!

The ULTRA Fast 14'0"

The perfect inflatable for multi-day tours and long distances

The board concept: a fast touring board is not a race board. Thanks to carbon stringer and double layer Woven Dropstitch fabric it is very stiff. Under load, the flat rocker keeps the board in the water along the entire length of the 14'0", making it very track stable.

The perfect companion for long adventure tours!

The ULTRA Touring iSUP

The super stiff touring SUP for beginners as well as for advanced users

The ULTRA Inflatable has everything a very good inflatable touring SUP board needs: it is stiff, allows high payload, behaves extremely track stable and comes in a high-quality total package with double cylinder pump and optional the super light carbon paddle! Available in two sizes 11'6" and 12'6".


The FUSE Inflatable in 11'6 and 12'6 lengths are ideal for people who want an affordable and powerful touring board.