Lite Venture ULTRA Fast 14'0"x28"

The efficient board for long distances or for tours they last more than one day

The Inflatable Touring SUP Board for long distances or a sporty workout. This SUP board is very stiff and resilient for an inflatable of this length without flexing, making it ULTRA effective and fast on the water!

The ULTRA Fast iSUP - Features:

The stiffness of the ULTRA Fast results from the use of a very high-quality Prelaminated Woven Dropstitch in combination with a continious carbon stringer on both sides. The individual threads of the dropstitch material are not dotted, but woven into the backing fabric. This results in a higher stiffness and durability of the material. Furthermore, the lamination of both layers saves adhesive.

Carbon Touring Fin: This fin is part of the set and part of the concept - it maximzes the track-stable performance. 

The continuous carbon stringer on both sides additionally, provides stiffness for the board and reduces vibrations.

Who is this board suitable for and how does it feel when paddling?

The German Youtube Channel SUP TV tested this board. They produced a video with all information 

Very nice and clearly explained, you can also see well in the video how stiff the board behaves. Here are some quotes from the test:

"A board that has a hardboard feeling in terms of stiffness."

"Excellent straight-line stability that is second to none when compared to other touring boards."

"Workmanship consistently premium quality, high quality and tough processed."

"For us, the perfect stand up paddle board!"

"Stand on Carbon": for additional stiffness, the carbon stringer material is placed under the pads throughout the standing area.

Tough, double-layered rails with fabric structure make the board insensitive.

Non-slip pad and kickpad: the pad with the diamond pattern is really non-slip for a secure grip. The material has been compressed so that it does not absorb water.

The flat rocker brings the entire length of the board to the water, this uses the 14" length to the last inch. The nose is stiff and cuts the water even in wobbly conditions.

Premium accessories set

The ULTRA Fast 14" accessories are also made of the highest quality:

  • Triple Action Pumpe with double cylinder,
  • Highend ULTRA Carbon touring fin
  • small PVC fin for low water level
  • Leash
  • robust trolley backpack

Triple Action Pump with double cylinder: The set includes the Triple Action Pump from GRI. This has two stroke cylinders and 3 different levels, so that the inflation is possible about twice as fast and with less force than with conventional pumps.

Carbon fin: An extraordinary highlight in the set is the extremely lightweight touring carbon fin. This is ultra stiff and has a large surface area. This ensures stability and directional stability. The set also includes a PVC fin, which we recommend for tours with shallow water depths.

Kick Pad: There is a kick pad on the tail of the board. Together with the box-tail design of the ULTRA Fast, it allows easy turns.

16 D-Rings: A total of 16 bungee tie down points are placed on the board. This also makes it ideal as a touring board with luggage. In the front area of the board, the D-rings also serve as attachment points for the Dog Pad, which is available as the optimal accessory.

Lite Venture ULTRA Fast iSUP 14'0" x 28":
Measurments: 14'0'' x 28" x 6" bzw. 426 cm x 71 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 12,5 kg   |  Volume: 320 l  |  Rider weight: 60 - 120 kg

Set price: 1.195,00 €
incl. VAT and free shipment within the EU

The Lite Venture ULTRA Fast iSUP 14'0" is the ideal board for long distances or fast work outs
The Lite Venture ULTRA Fast iSUP 14'0" is the ideal board for long distances or fast work outs