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The inflatable

Lite Venture ULTRA iSUP

The inflatable stand up paddle board with the perfect board concept for paddlers who do not want to compromise: the stiff, sporty board with the flat rocker can be used as a fast tourer for the after-work round as well as for multi-day tours with a lot of luggage load.

The Lite Venture® ULTRA 11'6" Touring iSUP in test at SUP TV:

"It's one of the stiffest boards we've had in testing so far!"

The ULTRA iSUP - Features:

The stiffness of the ULTRA results from the use of a very high-quality Prelaminated Woven Dropstitch material in combination with a carbon stringer on both sides. The individual threads of the dropstitch material are not dotted, but woven into the carrier fabric. This results in greater stiffness and durability of the material. In addition, adhesive is saved and the board is thus lighter.

Compact pack size: the ULTRA can be rolled up compactly. This is made possible by using as little pad material as necessary and focusing on a touring fin instead of permanently installed mini fins.

Carbon Touring Fin: This fin is part of the set and part of the concept - it provides noticeably stable handling.

The continuous carbon stringer on both sides provides additional stiffness in the board and reduces vibrations.

"Stand on Carbon": for additional stiffness provides the carbon stringer material, which is placed under the pads in the entire area of the stand.

All features of the ULTRA Inflatable are explained in the clip:

Robustness: an even lighter board weight is achievable if single layer dropstitch - i.e. single layer material - is used. We have deliberately dispensed with this so that the ULTRA is also ultra robust and durable.

Optimal shape: The board should be fast and easy to paddle, yet stable and agile. Tracking combined with good handling allow for little side-to-side changes when paddling. A flat rocker maximizes the waterline and thus the speed. The ULTRA is available as 11'6" x 31" and as 12'6" x 30".

Continuous carbon stringer and carbon reinforced standing surfaces minimize vibrations.

The high-quality pump with three stages for fast pumping is included in the set.

Kick pad: Non-slip pad material where it is needed.

The set includes a lightweight and extremely stiff carbon touring fin. This stabilizes and allows very precise handling. For use in waters with shallow water depth, a plastic fin is also supplied.

Premium accessories set

Also the accessories are at the ULTRA of the finest quality:
  • Triple Action pump with double cylinder,
  • Highend ULTRA Carbon touring fin
  • small PVC fin for low water level
  • Leash
  • robust Trolley backpack

Triple Action Pump with double cylinder: The set includes the Triple Action Pump from GRI. This has two stroke cylinders and 3 different levels, so that the inflation is possible about twice as fast and with less force than with conventional pumps.

Carbon fin: An extraordinary highlight in the set is the extremely lightweight touring carbon fin. This is ultra stiff and has a large surface area. This ensures stability and directional stability. The set also includes a PVC fin, which we recommend for tours with shallow water depth.

GoPro Mount: the board has a GoPro mount at the top of the board

Kick Pad: there is a kick pad on the tail of the board. Along with the box tail design of the ULTRA, it ensures easy turns.

16 D-Rings: A total of 16 D-rings are placed on the board. This also makes it ideal as a touring board with luggage. In the front area of the board, the D-rings also serve as attachment points for the Dog Pad, which is available as an optimally accessory.

Triple action pump with double cylinder: easy, fast inflation in three pressure levels.

The ULTRA's high-quality, sturdy trolley backpack: smooth-running wheels and well-padded shoulder straps.

The ultra-light and stiff Carbon Touring fin provides stable straight running.

The Lite Venture ULTRA iSUP comes in a high-quality, well-made bag that can be transported as a trolley or as a backpack. It can also be used independently as a full-fledged trolley for luggage.

Tip: order the ultralight Lite Venture carbon paddle optionally in a set with the ULTRA iSUP:

The Carbon Paddle from Lite Venture SUP is a high-end product at a very attractive price: the lightweight full carbon tool weighs only 580 grams as a three-piece! This lightweight allows for endurance paddling and, in combination with the ergonomically shaped handle, also helps to avoid pain from pressure. The blade with two concaves increases the efficiency of the paddle pulls. The shaft was made of prepreg carbon to allow precise processing and the light weight. The closure of the three-piece paddle comes absolutely without play and twist-proof without clamp: the shaft clicks through the angled gate twist-proof.

Weight: 580 Gramm |  Single price: 295,00 € | Set price with ULTRA iSUP: 195,00 €

The shaft and fasteners are designed to be twist-proof.

The ergonomic handle relieves strain and lies well in the hand.

Lite Venture ULTRA iSUP 11'6 x 31":

Measurements: 11'6'' x 31" x 6" or 350 cm x 79 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 10,8 kg  |  Volume: 320 l  | Riders Weight: 60 - 120 kg

Set price: 1.075,00 €

Lite Venture ULTRA iSUP 12'6 x 30":

Measurements: 12'6'' x 30" x 6" or 385 cm x 76 cm x 15 cm
Weight: 11 kg | Volume: 330 l | Rider weight: 60 - 120 kg

Set price: 1.145,00 €

The three color combinations

The Lite Venture ULTRA in two sizes and three color combinations 11'6" x 31'5" in orange/petroleum and gold/petroleum (center and right) and 12'6" x 30" in orange/grey (left).

If you have any questions about our boards, we are looking forward to hear from you. We are happy to advise you so that you find the right board for you. Just use our contact form below.

For dog lovers: Lite Venture Dog Pad

The accessory for paddlers who want to take their dog with them: the Lite Venture ULTRA iSUPs can be supplemented with a "Dog Pad". The pad is securely attached to the 9 D-rings at the front of the board as well as additionally to the handle of the board. It is washable, can be quickly and easily attached and removed again. The board is thus protected and the dog stands / lies comfortably on the padded pad.

Price: 59,00 €