Lite Venture ULTRA Light 12'2"x30"

Super light: The Lite Venture® ULTRA Light weighs only 7.8 kg and can also handle high payloads. This board makes you independent of the car and is a touring board without compromise!

Now in a new colour version Forest / Stone with Kickpad and Gold / Stone. Both models come with the waterproof backpack and lightweight pump.

The board concept of the ULTRA Light:

Lightweight: the Lite Venture® ULTRA Light weighs only 7.8 kg, making it easy to transport in the included backpack. Packhorse: with its light weight, the board can take a lot of load - for a total load of up to 120 kilos, we give the green light for a decent waterline and virtually no flexing. The board was tested extensively by SUP TV, which confirmed its high stiffness, see video further down on this page.

In a backpack with a comfortable carrying system, you can bring the board to its destination without a car.

Start where you want - you can get anywhere on foot.

The backpack is spacious, so you can also carry additional items.

The lightweight pump has two pressure settings, so you always stay relaxed.

Clothes and valuables go into the backpack - nothing is left behind.

The backpack is made of waterproof, pvc-free material, so everything stays dry.

The set includes a leash so that the board always stays with you.

The SUP is stiff and has a flat rocker - so it is super track stable and glides fast.

In two strong, natural colours with iconic design.

> Discreet, noble colour design and material composition for best performance characterise the lightweight board.

> X-Woven Dropstitch makes the board so light and stiff: this high-quality fabric minimises vibrations due to its processing technique.

> A total of 15 D-rings make it possible to secure and transport luggage on the board.

> Any fin with this standard system can be mounted in the US fin box, for example the lightweight Carbon Touring fin.

> A dog pad is also available as an optional accessory for the ULTRA Light 12'2" to carry a dog in the front area of the board.

How does the board feel and who is it suitable for?

The ULTRA Light 12'2" was tested extensively by SUP TV and is described very well in the video:

"Extremely light!"

"The perfect touring board!"

The stiffness of the ULTRA Light results from the use of a very high-quality X-Woven Dropstitch material. The threads of the Dropstitch material are not dotted, but cross-woven into the carrier fabric. This results in a higher stiffness at a comparatively very low weight.

PVC-free, waterproof transport backpack: The board is delivered in a backpack with a comfortable carrying system. This is waterproof and made of PVC-free TPU material (thermoplastic polyurethane). This material is much more environmentally friendly and resource-saving in its production. A nice side effect: the pleasant, somewhat rough feel and noble-looking surface structure.

Optionally with carbon paddle at a special price when ordered as a set:

Lite Venture Powertrack Full Carbon Paddle

The paddle for powerful paddling style

The newly developed Powertrack full carbon paddle from Lite Venture paddles easily and precisely. The special feature is the blade shape, which provides more resistance due to the recess. This makes paddling particularly efficient. Available in blade sizes S or M, medium flex.

Weight two-piece: 610 gr
Weight three-piece: 625 gr

Price for single purchase: 329,00 €.
In set with ULTRA Light Board: € 195.00

Lite Venture Endurance Full Carbon Paddle

Ideal for endurance but gentle style

The Endurance full carbon paddle from Lite Venture is identical in construction to the Powertrack, but has a blade shape without a recess. This makes paddling particularly gentle and without much resistance. Available in standard blade size M, medium flex.

Weight two-piece: 620 gr
Weight three-piece: 635 gr

Price for single purchase: 329,00 €.
In set with ULTRA Light Board: € 195.00

Well designed: the waterproof pack sack

The backpack to the ULTRA Light was made of waterproof material. It is free of PVC, which makes it much more environmentally friendly in production and recycling. The feel is also pleasant and somewhat rough. The bag has a comfortable carrying system with a padded hip belt. So you can carry the board comfortably to the entry point of your tour. Your clothes and valuables can be easily stowed in the bag on the water and everything comes with you on the board. So you don't have to leave anything behind on the shore and you don't need a car to get to the water or to leave items there. And at the end of the tour you also don't need a car to get away from the exit.

Lite Venture Ultra Light backpack - drybag

Lite Venture Ultra Light backpack/drybag mustard/grey - sideview

Lite Venture Ultra light Backpack- backside with padded hip belt

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