Lite Venture Dog Pad
to SUP with your dog

Paddling on the Stand Up Paddle Board together with the dog is an ideal leisure activity that can be planned together with the dog. With a little practice, it also works out that the four-legged friend keeps quiet and both enjoy the ride. The Lite Venture Dog Pad helps the dog to know and keep his place in the front area of the board. It also supports the training in advance, because you can get the dog used to his place already in the context of dry exercises, by letting him "take a seat" on his pad. This also works wonderfully in the living room.

The Dog Pad is made of sturdy Kordura and padded. It is insensitive, non-slip and can also be easily cleaned of dirt by hand washing. Compared to neoprene, the Kordura material is also not as sensitive to odors and dries faster. The pad is attached by clips on the bottom to the D-rings of the board.

The Lite Venture Dog Pad is best compatible with the Lite Venture ULTRA iSUP - or with a board that has a corresponding number of D-rings. All Lite Venture ULTRA iSUPs can optionally be used with a Dog Pad. The ULTRA iSUP series is specially designed to allow the pad to be securely attached to 9 D-rings as well as additionally to the handle of the board. It can be attached and removed quickly and easily.

The board is thus protected and the dog stands / lies comfortably on the padded pad. It is available in two variants depending on the board.

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Lite Venture Dog Pad with ULTRA iSUP as training device for the Maltese Rescue Dog Squadron

Reading tip in the blog: The rescue dog team of the Mateser Freiburg uses the Dog Pad with the ULTRA iSUP 11'6" and 12'6" for their trainings.

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For all Lite Venture iSUPs there is a matching Dog Pad in the correct size

Lite Venture's Inflatables SUP boards are very stable and glide effectively due to their high stiffness. Thus, they are not sluggish or cozy boards - like many inflatables for SUP with dog - but the faster alternative for paddlers who want to SUP with their dog, but do not want to miss out on a faster touring board.

For people who like to take their dog on long distance or multi-day tours, the Lite Venture ULTRA Fast 14'0" x 28" is a great choice. It is the perfect board for adventures, robust, super stiff, track stable, fast and designed for high payload.

Board with Dog Pad

You don't have a suitable board for paddling with your dog yet and are interested in one of the ULTRA Inflatable models? We will be happy to advise you by phone: 00497634 - 3409871 or by mail to

Life Jacket for your dog

„Life Jacket? My dog is able to swim!“

Yes, dogs can swim. But not for any length of time and not under all conditions. A good dog life jacket features a good fit, sturdy material and ease of use. Also important is a generous handle that allows you to quickly and safely lift the dog out of the water and back onto the board. The BirdDog dog life jacket from Astral offers great functionality for water sports with dog.

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