A good paddle transforms your energy into pure propulsion without loss. Therefore, the tool of choice is lightweight, stiff - not without flex - and ergonomically shaped. The Lite Venture BLACK EDITION stands for high-tech carbon paddles at a very good ratio of performance and price.

And the Lite Venture paddles also follow the guiding principle: Carefree Experience.

The BLACK Edition carbon paddles for SUP:

A two- or three-piece paddle?

With a two-piece paddle, the shaft has no division and is therefore approx. 175 cm long. The second part is the grip piece, which can be extended to adjust the paddle to the desired length.

In a three-piece paddle, the shaft is divided once so that each part is a maximum of around 90 cm long. This makes it compact and handy to transport.

We recommend three-piece paddles for those who need compactness for transport. If this is not the case, we advise the two-piece paddle.

Paddle bag for three-piece paddle

This cover protects your noble carbon paddle: The Cordura material is padded and there is a separate compartment for each of the three parts. This way, the parts do not lie on top of each other. The Lite Venture Crossride and the Lite Venture Endurance paddle fit in this bag.

39.00 €

    Lite Venture Fibreglas Paddle

    The fibreglass paddle is the cheaper alternative to the carbon paddle: 800 grams light, ergonomic T-handle, available in two or three pieces, fibreglass shaft and plastic blade, both black throughout.

    129 €