Apply Railtape correctly


Railsaver tape offers good protection for the sides of your hardboard. Anne explains here in the video blog how to apply the tape correctly:

Required tools: suitable tape, soapy water, squeegee

Richte dir deine Arbeitsumgebung ein: Das neue oder gereinigte, trockene Board aufbocken, sodass du bequem drumherum laufen kannst und beide Seiten gut zugänglich sind. Du brauchst:

  • das passende Railtape
  • eine Spritzflasche mit Seifenwasser (Wasser und etwas Spülmittel) sowie
  • einen Rakel, erhältlich in jedem Baumarkt

Application of the tape

Spray the side of the board with the soapy water. This is so that you can apply the tape and correct it before painting it firmly. The tape should not be applied exactly to the side, but a little further forward so that the area where the paddle can make contact is protected.

Stick the tape to the front and then peel it off little by little and press it in the middle so that it holds first. Then press on with the squeegee from the centre outwards and press out air and soapy water. Air bubbles can also be squeezed out in this way.

When the rail tape is firm on one side, repeat at the same height on the second side.

Then the board should be kept out of the water for at least 12 hours so that everything can dry.

Our Railsaver Tape for hardboards with narrow & higher edge:

Railsaver Tape

The sides of your hardboard SUP get reliable protection against scratches and marks from paddling with the Railtape. It is not always possible to avoid contact with the board with the paddle and the tape prevents scratches and marks. Dimensions: It is available in two lengths and two different surfaces: The 8.6 x 210 cm is suitable for the Lite Venture Touring Hardboards Cruzer in all sizes, the 6.3 x 191 cm for the Lite Venture Allround Hardboard Ray in all sizes. Surface: optionally transparent or with a small honeycomb structure (Honeycomb).

Starting at 27.00 €