Lite Venture Endurance Carbon



Length: 175 - 220 cm
Ergonomically shaped handle.
Comes with free Bladebag.

Blade Size M

Weight two-piece: 620 gr
Weight three- piece: 635 g

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195.00 € 329.00 €


The paddle blade: A multi-layer construction makes the blade light and stiff. The shape and size of the blade are optimized for endurance paddling and low drag. With this paddle, you have a tool that you can work with for endurance: It weighs only 620 grams thanks to the material and the exceptionally high-quality workmanship. The shaft: 3K carbon is used in the shaft of this carbon paddle. The diameter is 29 millimeters.

The handpiece: The most important connection between you and the paddle! Here must be "good" in the hand. This means that it is easy to guide and does not cause any discomfort such as numbness or pressure points. We therefore use an ergonomically shaped handpiece that minimizes the force needed to hold it - because it can be completely enclosed by the hand. It doesn't matter if you have small or large hands, this handpiece works very well for all sizes.

The three-piece paddles can be disassembled to fit into a SUP trolley. The anti-twist closure is barely visible. The beveled edges prevent the shaft from twisting.