Lite Venture Touring Tough Shell 11'6'' Turquoise/ Grey

The hardboards of the Tough Shell line are made of resistant, particularly robust polycarbonate. Thus they offer the excellent gliding properties of a hardboard and are particularly attractive in price.

The Tough Shell Touring 11'6'' is a sportier, yet easy to paddle board for touring on flat water and small waves. The footprint is slightly recessed for stability. The board has enough volume and space for loading luggage. It is also suitable for the quick after-work round.

* Integrated GoPro- Mount

* Sturdy carrying handles front and rear

* Spacious luggage net

* Pressure equalization valve

* Ergonomic carrying handle

* Non-slip foot pad / resistant to dirt

* Leash attachment

* Lock function for securing with cable lock

Dimensions: 11'6 x 30" | Weight: 13,6 kg | Rider weight: 45 - 110 kg

1,195.00 €